About Us


The La Marsa story began in 2006 when three friends—Adel, Fadhel & Mo—joined together to introduce the SE Michigan community to their vision of healthy and delicious food offered in an atmosphere of Mediterranean hospitality.  

  • Adel had training and experience as a chef from his growing up years in Egypt where he had worked in fine hotels and served many government officials.

  • Fadhel was the visionary partner who had excelled as a restaurant server building many life-long friendships by providing impeccable service.

  • Mo had already experienced the full gamut of restaurant life from dishwasher to manager.  He was ready for a new opportunity!

Here is their story… joined with the story of thousands of satisfied dining guests.  It is a story that crosses the gamuts of age, nationality, languages and religions.

Our Vision


Healthy, Fresh Food

Fresh & Bursting With Flavor

Excellent & Friendly Service